Check out the most frequently asked questions listed and sorted below according to the topics: General, Massage and Reiki.


I live just outside Melbourne, can I still book in for a treatment?
Treatments outside of Melbourne are possible but depend on the location. An additional travel fee may be applicable or the minimum combined treatment time may be increased from 1 to 2-3 hours. Please contact us for more details.

Are vouchers available?
Yes, vouchers for Massage or Reiki treatments are available and can be posted to an address nominated by you or sent out via email.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
When you reschedule or cancel an appointment, we require 24 hours notice; otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Confirmation of an appointment is acknowledgement of this cancellation policy.

Can I extend my treatment?
Inform the therapist if you would like to extend your session length, he/she will happily extend the treatment if there is no other booking immediately following yours.


Can I claim with my private health fund?
Yes you can claim massage sessions provided by our remedial massage therapists with all major Australian health funds.

Towel Policy – Will I have to take my clothes off?
As a professional remedial massage provider, we offer you the choice whether you would prefer to remain in your underwear, or if you prefer to disrobe completely for your treatment. Our massage therapists have been trained in professional draping techniques and respect your privacy at all times. At no time are you permitted to lie naked on the massage table or ask for the towel to be taken away. Sexual advances towards your massage therapist will cause the immediate cessation of your treatment at a 100% cancellation fee.

Should I shower before the therapist arrives?
We suggest that to save your valuable massage time, it is best to shower before the therapist arrives and that no make-up is worn. Please be aware that if you choose to have one when your therapist arrives it might reduce your treatment time. Your therapist may have another booking afterwards and has to leave within his allocated time to ensure to be ready for the next client.

May I wear jewellery?
We prefer that you keep your jewellery to a minimum as it is easier for the massage therapists to perform your treatment. Without bulky bracelets, necklaces or watches the therapist will be able to create much more relaxing flow while massaging.

Should I be silent during the treatment?
We suggest that you talk with the therapist on arrival and give him/her an understanding of the type of massage and pressure that you like. If it is your first massage then ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable with the treatment that you are receiving and the pressure applied. Once the massage begins you may talk with your therapist as you wish or close your eyes and enjoy the pampering (our therapists will not be upset if you are silent during your massage).

Do I need a separate room for the massage to take place?
Depends on the type of massage you want to receive. If you would like a 1h full body massage with oil a private area would be more beneficial compared to a 30min clothed massage or 30min leg massage.


Is Reiki a religion?
No, Reiki is not a religion. It has its roots in the Buddhism and is very spiritual in nature, but there is no belief required in order to receive or use it. The beauty of reiki is that it will work regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

What is holistic health care?
Holistic care addresses the person who has the disease, rather than the Disease the person has. Holistic healing seeks to bring people to a state of wholeness in Body, Mind and Spirit. De-stressing is a major focus as a treatment as well as preventive health measures.