Massage Treatments & Prices

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Relaxation/Swedish MassageĀ light to medium pressure

This European technique uses long, fluid strokes that calm the body, settle the mind and restore lost energy. It is gentle, soothing and emphasizes relaxation.

Sports Massage medium to firm pressure

A more vigorous stroke is used to reduce muscle tension, relieve swelling, enhance circulation and promote flexibility. Treatments are especially designed for pre- or post-athletic events and are used to alleviate the tension that accumulates during physical activity. Stretching may be incorporated alongside a wide range of advanced massage techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage firm pressure

Deep, intensive pressure stimulates blood flow to restricted areas and relieve knotted muscles that are unable to fully release on their own. Ideal for severe or chronic muscle tightness. Some soreness might result after treatment.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy or prenatal massage will helpĀ to reduce stress, reduce swelling in the arms and legs and relieve muscle and joint pain.

Custom Massage varied pressure

Utilising a combination of several massage techniques, your therapist will create a unique treatment specifically for you. This may include trigger point release, myofascial release, cupping and relaxation techniques.

Prices for Treatments at Glenroy Massage Room

  • 30 min – $65
  • 45 min – $80
  • 60 min – $95
  • 90 min – $140

When you reschedule or cancel an appointment, we require 24 hours notice; otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Confirmation of an appointment is acknowledgement of this cancellation policy.