Extra hours at work, having to make tough decisions or constant conflict with others at work. Maybe a busy family life or a family member is in need of extra care. Triggers of stress can be as various as its effects.

You are feeling stressed? Ever thought how this effects your body? Recent research has shown links to:

  • raised heartbeat, breathing rate and blood pressure
  • forgetfulness
  • indecisiveness
  • insomnia
  • cardiovascular disease 
  • proneness to infection
  • anxiety
  • chronic fatigue


In other words our body is constantly in high gear. This can be very helpful for a short time as it will provide you with additional energy and focus. If you continually feel stressed and it is causing you discomfort, treatment is strongly recommended. This is where massage can help to reduce the stress in mind and body.

Unlike lots of other treatments, you will feel the benefits strait away. This means you will know after the first treatment if this approach is right for you and your specific circumstances. I’m always happy to share from my personal experience and recommend one of the many other options that can help you to reduce stress and create a more balanced feeling.

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